Please always start by contacting your child’s teacher. He/she is your first point of contact. If you and the teacher are unable to reach a resolution, you should then contact the head teacher.

About the complaints procedure

There may be a situation or an incident you wish to complain about. Everyone involved in the life of the school (pupils, parents/guardians, teachers, board members and volunteers) can lodge a complaint.  

As a school, we want to make sure that complaints are addressed to the right person. This avoids situations in which issues are talked about without the people involved being there. We have a school complaints procedure (Dutch only). You can ask the school administrators for a copy.

When lodging a complaint verbally or in writing, try to state as clearly as possible:

  • the reason for the complaint
  • what has already been done to try to resolve the issue and
  • what you hope to achieve by lodging the complaint.

You can download a brochure called “How to resolve complaints at school” (Dutch only) via the following link:

Confidential counsellors

The task of our confidential counsellors is to be available to pupils and parents who have a school-related complaint and to support them during legal proceedings if applicable, for example in the case of complaints relating to sexual intimidation, racism, discrimination, aggression and/or violence.

Internal confidential counsellor (also a teacher at our school)

Mrs L. Uit het Broek (040 - 26 91 222, school telephone number)

External confidential counsellors

As well as the internal confidential counsellor, EBS Online also has two external confidential counsellors. Pupils, parents and employees can consult these counsellors about issues that are so delicate that they would prefer to talk to someone outside the school. Please understand that they should only be contacted about serious complaints. 

Mrs T. Moret (06 - 197 205 77)
Mr R. van der Graaf (040 - 241 21 90).

Education disputes


Postbus 85191
3508AD Utrecht

Confidential inspector

Mr. Kerkhoffs 

0900 - 111 3 111 (local rate)