Evangelische basisschool Online

The ‘Evangelische Basisschool Online’ is an evangelical Christian primary school in the ‘Woensel Noord’ district of Eindhoven. At present we have 375 pupils in total, divided across 15 classes.

The out-of-school childcare and pre-school work that takes place at our school is organized by ‘Bambino Christelijke Kindercentra’ in Dordrecht. We work in close cooperation with them in our ‘SPIL-centrum’ (a care hub, where pre-school, out-of-school care and school are coordinated and all housed under the same roof).

Whilst our pupils are not required to have a Christian background (although many of them do), our colleagues are all born-again Christians. 


“As an expression of the multi-facetted nature of Christ’s wisdom and love, we make society more colourful.”


On this website you will find all sorts of information about the EBS – our approach, our vision, our identity and how we seek to help prepare our pupils to take their place in society.