School premises

As you walk around the school, you will find that our identity is clearly visible and recognizable.

When the school was being built, pupils and other interested parties witnessed the first head teacher placing a bible in the foundations, to symbolize the fact that the school is founded on God’s word.

A special stone with the words ‘Jesus is our foundation’ was placed in the wall. He is the Word that became flesh, and his life is our example. 

There are paintings on the walls surrounding the school playground that depict what the Bible teaches about how the children can relate to each other.

In the entrance hall there is a large heart-shaped wall decoration showing the text of our code of conduct. In the first weeks after the summer holiday, the children put their signatures on the heart. When people apply to our school, we explain clearly to the children and their parents that we can only accept applications from children who are willing to sign the code of conduct and respect it.   

We regularly put up eyeopeners and one-liners around the school as reminders of our identity. Examples include ‘not a sauce but a marinade’ and ‘Jesus is LORD’.