Absence, unauthorized absence and leave


If your child is unable to come to school (e.g. due to sickness), we expect you to notify the school in good time, stating the reason. The same applies if your child will be arriving at school later than usual (e.g. appointment with doctor or dentist): let the school know.

If you are planning to fetch your child(ren) from school earlier than usual, discuss this with the teacher beforehand. In some cases, the teacher may refer you to the head teacher to request permission.

  • If your child is sick, notify the school by telephone or email before 09.00, stating the reason. 
  • A child who is not in class at 08.30 and has not been reported sick by 09.00 will be registered as late! If this happens frequently, we will contact you.
  • Please bring your child to school on time, and fetch him/her on time at the end of the school day!
  • Something unexpected may happen that is going to make it impossible for you to fetch your child from school on time. We understand, but please notify the school before 14.15.   

Unauthorized absence

If your child is not at school and we have not been notified that he/she will be absent for a valid reason, the absence will be registered as unauthorized absence.

Occasionally, parents notify us that they are unable to bring a child to school and that the child will therefore be absent. This, too, will be registered as unauthorized absence. Try to think of solutions to situations like this beforehand, and ask a family member, friend or neighbour or another pupil to bring your child to school.  

We are required by law to report unauthorized absence to Eindhoven’s school attendance officer.

Applying for leave

School attendance is compulsory for children aged 5 and over. That means they must be at school every school day. In certain special circumstances, the head teacher can grant leave. If you wish to apply for special leave, please ask at the school administrators for a form. You need to complete it and return it to the office at least 3 weeks before the date in question.

Eindhoven’s School Attendance department has a form to be used when applying for ‘leave due to exceptional circumstances’. You can ask the school administrators for one of these forms.

The Attendance department will require you to support your application with documentary evidence (such as a wedding invitation or a statement from your employer).