Food and drinks at a health-conscious school

Healthy food

A primary school is an environment in which children should be able to grow up strong and healthy. We believe that a healthy diet helps achieve that goal. It is important for children’s development to eat and drink healthily, both at home and at school. Caring for children means giving them good food. We recently completed a project at school entitled ‘We’re going for the healthy option’, during which we taught the children what healthy food is. We drew up a list of suggestions for snacks to eat during breaks and birthday treats to share (see below).


We assume that your child eats breakfast before coming to school. Eating a healthy, adequate breakfast will reduce your child’s desire to eat snacks between meals.


Short break

  • Fruit
  • Salad snacks
  • 1 sandwich (brown bread is preferable)
  • Cracker/rice cake
  • Slice of gingerbread/egg cake


It is important for children to drink enough at school. Water is always a good option. Children who have not brought anything to drink to school are always given water. Alternatively, they can bring fruit juice or milk. Energy drinks and carbonated drinks are not allowed.


A good, healthy lunch helps children to concentrate better in the afternoons. If they eat too much or too many sweet things at lunchtime, they tend to have an energy dip in the afternoon.


Children are tending to bring bigger and bigger treats to school to hand out on their birthdays – and sometimes they are not very healthy either. We often get comments from parents about this. Of course, it is nice to bring little treats to share, but remember that the attention should go to the birthday boy or girl, not to the treats they bring.  

Tips for healthy treats

  • Fruit
  • A little toy instead of food
  • If you prefer not to go for a healthy option, a small bag of crisps or a mini-bag of sweets

Other ideas for healthy treats can be found on the following websites:


Together with you, we can teach the children develop healthy eating habits.
Let’s discover together how delicious healthy food can be!