Parental contribution

The parental contribution is € 50 per child per school year, subject to a maximum of € 125 per school year per family.

In the first quarter of the calendar year, we will send you an invoice relating to the voluntary parental contribution, asking you to transfer the money to the school.  

When you applied for a place for your child(ren) at this school, you agreed to pay this contribution.

The parental contribution is used to finance the following:

  • Celebrating Christian festivals
  • Farewell to group 8
  • Birthday gifts for pupils (presents box)
  • Group purchases, such as library membership
  • Bibles for our pupils
  • Group accident insurance premium
  • Website maintenance / PR
  • Extra materials needed for thematic teaching
  • Purchase of playground equipment
  • Parents evenings: coffee and tea and any copying expenses
  • School prospectus

The parental contribution does NOT cover the costs of school trips or the school camp. The fees for these activities are collected separately.

Our school has ‘ANBI’ status (this is a non-profit tax designation in the Netherlands).