School lunchtimes

The school timetable is designed in such a way that all the children stay at school for lunch. During the lunch break, the children eat their lunch in the classroom with their teacher and/or teaching assistant. After lunch, they can play outside.

Now that we have a new timetable with shorter breaks, we no longer need parents to help with playground duty for groups 3 – 8.

For groups 1 and 2, we do still need parents/guardians to do lunchtime playground duty every now and then. The fact that parents volunteer for this task means that we do not have to charge parents for the supervision of their children during lunch breaks. Mrs C. van Belen draws up the playground duty rotas, in close cooperation with the teachers. You can contact her via the school telephone number or by sending an email to She will be able to tell you more about what playground duty entails.

It’s nice to see that there are also grandparents on the rota!

Legal liability for what happens during lunch breaks lies with the school.