There is a limited number of parking places on the school premises. There are other spaces near the school. Wherever you park, the general traffic regulations apply: only park in the official parking spaces.

Safety is the main priority – the children’s safety, your safety and our safety. We therefore ask you to take careful note of the following rules:

  • If the school driveway leading to the main school entrance is full when you arrive, drive on to avoid blocking the road.
  • We are not permitted to park on the premises of our neighbours (Centrum voor Therapie en Beweging). Their car park is for their clients.
  • The parking spaces to the right of the playground are EXCLUSIVELY for the use of child daycare buses and taxis.
  • The speed limit on the school premises is 10 km/hour.
  • On the school premises and in the area surrounding the school, only park in official parking spaces (no double parking).
  • Cycling is not permitted on the school playground. You may cycle in the traffic lane on the school premises.

Traffic in the area surrounding the school

The volume of traffic on the school premises and in the area surrounding the school at the start and the end of the school day is increasing. This can lead to complex and dangerous situations. Here are two ways in which we can help each other and help to reduce the volume of traffic. Every little helps ..

  • Consider coming to school by bike more often (in urban areas, it is often quicker to cycle than to drive). Cycling together is fun, and an opportunity to teach your children road safety.
  • Are there other children who live near you who also go to our school? Consider taking turns to bring the children to school. Ask the school administrators who lives near you.