Education inspectorate

Inspection visit, 10 October 2013

The Education Inspectorate visited our school on 10 October. The inspectors’ activities included attending lessons and looking at the playground and the classrooms. They reported afterwards that they have every confidence in the school.

One of the positive points mentioned was how teachers deal with undesirable behaviour. They also said the general atmosphere at school was very pleasant. Our results reflect what can reasonably be expected of our pupils, and the coherent system and procedures we have in place enable us to chart pupils’ progress effectively. We spot any need for extra care in good time and take a structured approach to providing the help that is required.

An area in which there is room for improvement is the analysis and evaluation of data. 

We are very pleased with the positive assessment and will address the areas in which improvement is needed.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Bakker, Head Teacher of Evangelische Basisschool Online