Pupil care and quality

Would you like to know about pupil care at our school, and are you wondering what we mean by ‘quality’?

These topics are addressed in detail in our school prospectus.

If you would like more information, you are welcome to contact the school. Our learning mentors will be able to tell you much more about our pupil care, and will be happy to answer your questions.

The term ‘Passend Onderwijs’ (PO), which means ‘Suitable Education’, refers to the system now applicable in the Netherlands whereby if a child with extra needs applies to a school, that school is responsible for ensuring that the child receives suitable education. To that end, standard schools and special schools work together at regional level.

The three links at the bottom of this page are in Dutch only. Below is a brief explanation of what they are about:

The ‘Ondersteuningsprofiel EBS Online’ outlines what EBS Online is and is not able to provide in terms of additional support for children with extra needs.

Passend Onderwijs PO Eindhoven’ is the link to the website of ‘PO Eindhoven’, the organisation that coordinates support for children with extra needs in the Eindhoven region. 

The ‘Ondersteuningsplan Passend Onderwijs PO Eindhoven’ is a document detailing the background to PO, how it is implemented, the applicable legislations, etc.