School system

How the teaching is organised

The teaching system we use at EBS Online is highly structured. This gives children clarity: they know what they need to do when.

Each day starts with Bible time, followed by maths and language. This means that during maths time children can do maths assignments at their own level, regardless of which group they belong to. During this activity, the teachers give lessons at three levels, help the pupils who need extra care and teach children how to learn. Children gradually learn how to check their own work. From a young age, they also learn how to plan their daily tasks. This is a useful skill that helps prepare them for secondary school.

The afternoons are devoted to thematic teaching throughout the school. This makes it possible to mix children from different groups. Children of different ages can work together and learn from each other.

Half-yearly system

We divide the academic year into two equal halves. Twice each year there is a moment when we decide whether pupils are ready to move up to the next level. We do this to ensure that the level of the teaching material matches the child’s development level as possible. 

The following factors are considered when deciding whether a pupil is ready to move up to the next level:

  • Pupil’s capacities, measured according to the national pupil monitoring system (CITO) in combination with the results of the method-linked tests 

  • Assessment of pupil’s social-emotional development

  • Matters deserving of consideration arising from consultation with parents