EBS Online is a primary school where education is given from an evangelical identity. We provide high-quality education according to a unique educational concept.



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EBS OnlineEvangelical Primary School in Eindhoven

The Christian primary school EBS Online is a colorful and cheerful school where many cultures and nationalities are represented. Quality and identity (pdf - NL) go hand in hand in our education. We think it's important that our students become aware of the talents that God has given them, and therefore encourage them to further develop their talents. As followers of Jesus and equipped with Biblical values, they learn to use their talents in their daily lives and in society today. This helps students to take responsibility, actively contribute to a positive environment, and be a blessing to society.

Learn and grow in a positive environment

Children learn better when they view the learning environment as positive and supportive. The cheerful and inviting interior of our school, as well as the education we provide, contribute to this. We teach our students that they can be themselves, that they respect each other and that making mistakes is okay. Every teacher creates a positive learning environment in their classroom and provides each child with personal attention.

Hospitable to all Welcome at our school!

We want teachers, children and parents/guardians to feel welcome at school. Our school principal welcomes everyone (almost) every morning at the entrance of the school and the teachers personally greets each student at the start of a school day. In this way we can listen to and engage with every child, teacher and parent. Parents/guardians can also get acquainted with each other at our school: every Monday and Friday morning they can get to know each other (or catch up) while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in the coffee corner at our school.