Our school

Our mission Quality and identity hand in hand

EBS Online is a primary school where Bible based education is given and where Jesus is central. Our staff members all have a passion for God and for working with children. We provide high-quality education according to a unique educational concept. We think it’s important that our students become aware of the talents that God has given them, and therefore encourage them to further develop their talents. As followers of Jesus and equipped with Biblical values, they learn to use their talents in their daily lives and in society today. This helps students to take responsibility, actively contribute to a positive environment, and be a blessing to society.

Our mission is immediately visible upon entering our school.

Evangelical Child Center Everything for 0-12 years under one roof

The EBS Online is a ‘SPILcentrum’, which stands for Play, Learn and Integrate. In this way, together with childcare, GGD and social work (Lumens), we can strive for the positive development of every child. In addition to primary education, we offer daycare, pre-school education, after school care and social care, and we have our own school library. This makes continuous learning possible for children from 0 to 12 years.

Personal attentionWelcoming and safe learning environment

Our school is divided into 4 units (we call this the A-, B-, C- and D-bouw), each with 4 classrooms, its own common space, and private toilets. This way we promote small scale and create a clear and safe environment with space for personal attention and guidance.

A-bouw: group 1 & 2,
B-bouw: group 3 & 4,
C-bouw: group 5 & 6,
D-bouw: group 7 & 8.

School Impression Cheerful and colorful school

Children learn better in a positive environment. This is reflected in the cheerful, safe, and inviting interior of the school building, the classrooms, and the schoolyard. We have set up various learning spaces in our school, including spaces for independent work, collaborative spaces, and spaces for working with peers. Parents/guardians can meet in the hall and have a cup of coffee/tea together. View our school via the Virtual tour, or make an appointment for a visit.

School BoardOrganisation of Evangelical Education Eindhoven

EBS Online is part of the Organisation of Evangelical Education Eindhoven (SEOE). The lines of communication are short and there is a high level of involvement among the board members. The board consists of executive (including director J. Bakker) and non-executive supervisory directors (J. Fijnvandraat, E. Meuken, P. Pronk).

Through the Platform of Evangelical Education (PEON) we have contact with other Evangelical primary schools in the Netherlands, so that we can exchange experiences and share knowledge with each other.

Origin of the school Evangelical primary school since August 2000

The foundation of the EBS Online in 2020 was preceded by a long process. In 1992, after a reorganization in primary education in Eindhoven, a small team took the first steps. They submitted applications locally and nationally, established working groups and educational foundations, and gathered recommendations. After an exciting time of waiting, hoping, and praying, our application was approved in 1999 by the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Eindhoven!

In August 2000 we welcomed the first 89 students. In 2005 we moved to the new school building, designed by Gerard Venhuizen, which is completely in line with our educational concept and our way of working. The new name: 'EBS Online' stands for our connection with God. We are grateful to Him that we now can welcome 350 students daily.

In addition to primary education, we also offer childcare, pre-school education, after-school and social care and we have our own school library with a selection of books from the Bibliotheek Eindhoven. In 2023 Christelijk Kindercentrum Bambino (Christian Children's Centre) will house day care, pre-school education and before and after-school care in the new wing of our school.

School Theme Song About our identity and connection with Jesus

Marcel Zimmer wrote our school song for our 20th anniversary. He wrote about our identity, our connection with Jesus, and what we want to pass on to our students. Curious? Listen to the EBS Online School Song here!