Management and staff

A school is not a school without pupils, but nor can it function without staff. Below are the names of the members of the management team and all the members of our team.

If you have questions or you would like to speak to a teacher or the management team, you can call our school on 040 26 91 222 or send an email to


Jennifer Bakker Head teacher j.bakker
Gerine van ’t Hof Deputy head teacher g.hof


Abigail Alijev-van Kruijsdijk Teacher a.alijev
Margo Begeer-van Erk Teacher / BOCO A m.begeer
Colinda van Belen-Van der Plas Teaching assistant c.belen
Ria van den Berg-van Eijk Teacher r.berg
Janine den Besten-Volders Teacher j.besten
Riënne van der Bolt  - Quik Teacher r.bolt
Dorenda Brauns-Verboom Teacher d.brauns-verboom
Wendy Bunk Teacher w.bunk
Marjolijn Croonen-van der Burg Teacher m.croonen
Jan Derks Teacher / BOCO C j.derks
Joëlle van Drunen-Noorlander IB j.drunen
Sara van Eck-Blasio Administratie s.eck
Doret Felten-Venhuizen Teacher d.felten
Lian de Graaf Teacher l.graaf
Petra Hanique-Joppe IB p.hanique
Nathalie Hoex Teaching assistant n.hoex
Judith van Hoof Teaching assistant j.hoof
Margot Prijt Administrator administratie
Annelies Jagt Teacher a.jagt
Anneke Kamerbeek-Zwanenburg Teacher a.kamerbeek
Jolanda Kats Teacher j.kats
Bram Klein Teaching assistant b.klein
Hanneke van Knibbe-van Buuren Teacher h.knibbe
Judith de Koning-Prins Teacher j.koning
Tinneke Kroon-Lich Teaching assistant t.kroon
Clariska Kruiskamp-Akse Teacher c.kruiskamp
Joke Lantinga-van Dijken Teacher j.lantinga
Hilde Lucassen Teaching assistant h.lucasssen
Hilde Maahury LIO h.maahury
Jeanine Niemeijer-Molema Teacher j.niemeijer
Jitta van Overbeek Teacher j.overbeek
Martine v.d. Pol Teaching assistant m.pol
Rosita Rademaker-Mijnals Teaching assistant r.rademaker
Sigrid van de Riet Teacher s.riet
Ester van Ringelenstein-Notenboom Teacher e.ringelenstein
Denise Teffer Teacher d.teffer
Diane van Tuijl Teaching assistant d.tuijl
Linda Uit het Broek-Broerse Teacher / BOCO D l.uithetbroek
Famke Verhagen-Versloot Teacher f.verhagen
Evelien Wever-Burgler Teacher e.wever
Erica Wigard Teacher / BOCO B e.wigard


* BOCO stands for ‘bouwcoöordinator’. Our groups (classes) are divided into 4 sections. Each section is called a ‘Bouw’ in Dutch. Groups 1 and 2 together form Bouw A. Groups 3 and 4 together form Bouw B. Groups 5 and 6 together form Bouw C. Groups 7 and 8 together form Bouw D. Each Bouw has a coordinator.