Positioned as it is at the heart of the local community, EBS Online has a missionary task to fulfil. We want to be an open, inviting school. It is not our desire to isolate ourselves or to become wrapped up in our own culture. Our aim is to look for the evangelical alternative in all we do, which means that we need to safeguard the school’s identity. That is why all members of the School Board (schoolbestuur), members of the Parent Teacher Association (MR), teachers and other members of staff are required to be fully committed to the school’s ethos. Parents are simply asked to respect our ethos. Children of parents who are not Christians but do respect our ethos are welcome. 

The school seeks to maintain a safe environment, in which both pupils and staff can flourish. We aim to maintain high quality in every aspect of our education, which involves seeking opportunities for beneficial, appropriate innovation. The school aims to serve, in accordance with the example given to us by the Lord Himself. This entails communicating openly with parents and being accessible to parents who have matters they wish to discuss. The school values and nurtures a friendly atmosphere.

Every morning, parents who have brought their children to school are welcome to stay for a chat in the entrance hall. Coffee and tea are provided. This is a simple expression of the Biblical principle of hospitality. 

1 Peter 4:9 'Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling'.