Prayer and Worship

Morning prayers

Each morning before school starts, we meet as a team to read the Bible together or to tell each other about something special we have experienced in our walk with God and to pray. This is to strengthen us spiritually for the day ahead.

Sometimes we make morning prayers creative. For example, we might make a drawing of a flower with the word ‘God’ in the centre and then ask each teacher to write on a separate petal a word describing who God is to him / her, e.g. Father, Protector, Source of Love).

Worship time

We want to put into practice what we read in the Bible. For example, we read in the Bible that God is enthroned on our praises. This involves more than just singing a song. Sometimes we make the concept visible by putting a ‘real throne’ in the middle of the classroom with a crown and a cloth. The throne represents God, the crown represents Jesus and the cloth represents the Holy Spirit. 

When we worship God, we sometimes raise our hands, or use flags or balloons to help express our praise.

Prayer board

In some classrooms, there is a special board next to the daily schedule. The teacher can write on this board names or events the children want to pray for. During the day, the children can add a drawing or ask the teacher to write something extra. If a situation has been prayed for and there has been a change or an improvement, a smiley is placed on the board and the class thanks God in prayer. This shows the children that prayers are answered, and teaches them to thank God for answered prayer.


Every school day morning (until 9:30 on Mondays and until 9:00 on other days), parents of pupils get together in the staffroom to pray for the school, the pupils, the team and others involved in the day-to-day life of the school.

We have been supported in prayer by parents ever since the school first opened.

Everyone is welcome to join these prayer times!

Children's prayers

Every 2 weeks, groups of children get together to pray during the lunch break. This happens on a voluntary basis.

A number of children are assigned to lead the prayer groups, with the support of one of the classroom assistants, Colinda van Belen.