Sex education

We use a Dutch teaching method based on biblical norms and values. It is called ‘Wonderlijk Gemaakt’ (Wonderfully Made).

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Physical changes, norms and values, protective behaviours and sexuality in our society; ‘Wonderlijk Gemaakt’ teaches children and young people a healthy attitude towards sexuality, taking the Bible as its guide and promoting an attitude of appreciation towards the Creator and each other.

Sex education is a natural part of bringing children up. Children grow up as boys and girls. They need their parents or guardians to support them and give a good example. Helping them in their sexual development is also important, given that in society sexuality is so often associated with brokenness and sin, whilst it is gift from the Lord God our Creator, meant to be so beautiful and intimate.


What do we hope to achieve by giving sex education? As long as people are not yet mature or independent, the people raising them have a job to do. Later, we hope they will be able to find their way on their own, continuing to depend on God and in relationship with others.

As far as their sexuality goes, our first aim is to help them discover their own sexuality as a gift from the Creator. Then we want them to be able to make good choices independently, to trust, to appreciate what is good and to protect themselves as they take their place in modern society.

As well as learning independence, we want the children to get to know the Lord God and to follow His guidelines for life in the context of today’s society. We want them to make God’s values and norms regarding sex, marriage and the family their own. We hope they will be able to build loving, faithful relationships with friends and then perhaps in time with a life partner, despite the brokenness often experienced in the area of sexuality and relationships.


During the stage of their lives in which you are in close daily contact with them, you pass on a lot to your children about all sorts of areas of life, including sexuality, relationships and self-protection. In everyday life, you are their example.  You protect them from danger as well as you can and provide them with a safe environment. You explain and pass on what the Bible teaches. You support your children as they develop, and you show them the way. Ideally, we seek to share with them God’s secrets for living, such as love and faithfulness – secrets that change hearts. It is in this context that we can give sexuality a place in a child’s day-to-day upbringing.