Parent volunteers

In an effort to get parents more involved in our pupils’ activities, we recently made an appeal for group parents. Several enthusiastic parents have already responded, for which we are very grateful. However, we have not yet found a group parent for every group.

In a few groups, we still have a “vacancy”. We would like to be able to appoint one group parent per class who can support the teacher with various activities, such as teachers’ day, Easter, Christmas, excursions, giving parties, theme tables, King’s Day games, etc. If you are interested, ask your child’s teacher what you can do to help.

Your responsibilities as a group parent include:

  • supporting the teacher in organizing activities,
  • approaching other parents to help with activities (the idea is not that you do everything yourself but that you encourage other parents to join in),
  • in consultation with the teacher, offer support in the ups and downs of the pupils’ lives (births, sickness, etc.).

To sign up as a group teacher, please send an email to Jeanine Niemeijer ( A group parent may send you an email asking you to help with a particular activity (this always happens in consultation with the teachers). You can then send your response to the group teacher or to the group parent. 

Thank you!